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The first Wednesday is Open House day at the Freelance Writers Den, my new community for freelance writers who’re serious about growing their income. I put on live events for the Denizens every week, but for just this one monthly call, we open the doors to nonmembers who’d like to get a taste of what we’re up to in the Den.

To participate, just send me a question on the registration form, and I’ll email you back with the details on how to call in.

Just in case, here’s the raw registration link for sending in your questions:

And next month’s guest co-host IS…

Join us Sept. 7 for our next Open House call — a unique opportunity to watch the great story-idea minds at work. I’m holding a Story Idea Lab with co-host Linda Formichelli of The Renegade Writer.

Linda and I will be talking about how we develop the story angles that get assignments. We’ll bring some newspapers and other publications, scan headlines, and show you how we take inspiration from the news and everyday life to develop story ideas that sell. If you’ve been wanting to bag a few new publication markets with a hot query, this is your chance to learn how it’s done.

Curious what we do on these free calls? Take a listen to this recent call where my guest is Bryan Cohen, a top Amazon e-book seller whose most recent work is Writer on the Side, (recommended!) about fitting freelance writing in around your day job.

Among the questions we hit:

  • What’s the best way to publish your book – ebook? Print book? Both? What platforms and tools are best?
  • What’s the missing element many would-be writers skip that makes it harder for them to freelance on the side?
  • How can you avoid burnout if you write at work during the day but want to get started on your own writing projects?
  • What’s really behind your writer’s block, and how can you get the creativity flowing?
  • What can you do to make time in your busy schedule for freelance writing?
  • How can you discipline yourself to get writing done when you don’t have any deadlines?
  • How did Bryan get started and earn money as a freelance writer before he published his ebooks?

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(For a list of the members-only Den Meeting events we hold the other weeks of the month, visit the Den Event Calendar.)

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