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How One Writer Won Over a Wary Client With Slam Poetry

Slam poetry nightThis past October, I found a new copywriting client. They had already gone through two sub-par writers, so they were wary of hiring another freelance writer.

I did a paid trial piece, using the voice I saw on their blog.

It turns out, they didn’t like their voice and wanted to go in a different direction. They asked me how I saw myself “fitting in” — a clear sign of doubt.

So I asked for a meeting. Drawing on my background as a slam poet, I paid attention to the way the client spoke and asked questions about their desired voice. The client left the meeting hopeful and satisfied. I won their trust, and I did it using slam poetry.

Here’s how — and why — I became the one writer this client wanted to work with:


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The Easy Way to Earn More Money as a Freelance Writer (No Marketing Required!)

Easy moneyHave you wondered if there’s a point at which the freelance writing life gets easier? I get asked that a lot.

Writers get sick of the hustle and grind of trying to scare up more gigs. Or they tire of being broke all the time.

Isn’t there an easier way to earn more money as a freelance writer?

As it happens, there is.

There is one great way to earn more money as a freelance writer that doesn’t rely on marketing. It’s my favorite way to earn more, too, as it does not involve working any harder.

Bonus: Now is the perfect time of year to lay the groundwork and make this happen.

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3 Proven Strategies Professional Writers Use to Avoid Creative Bankruptcy

Freelance writer with no ideasI’m afraid of bankruptcy.

I don’t mean the financial kind. I mean the kind where you get an exciting writing commission, and then you can’t deliver.

Creative bankruptcy happens when you have a pressing writing project — and you know you’ve got nothing.

Don’t put yourself in that position.

Here are three ways you can avoid creative bankruptcy and become a more productive professional writer.

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Writing for Content Mills: Did You Pick the Wrong One?

Many choices in content millsMany new writers looking to find that first place they can break in and start earning money from their craft end up signing up for a content mill.

Either that, or they end up discovering a revenue-share site like Examiner or Guardian Liberty Voice, or bidding for gigs on Elance.

Soon after, many of these writers are sending me emails like this one:

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How I Got a Great Freelance Gig After a Royal Screw Up

Frog princeWith a deep breath, I pressed “send” on an email containing months of research and my first article for a trade magazine.

It was done!

But my excitement was short-lived when my editor replied. I’d called her the wrong name. I screwed up before she even looked at my story.

I panicked. Would she blacklist me? Would she even read my pitch now? Did I just cut myself out of a potentially great freelance writing gig?

Turns out, it all worked out okay. One year later, I’m her editorial assistant.

How did I get myself out of this jam and land a great freelance gig? I focused on three E’s.


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Freelance Writers: This Will Make You an Instant Tech Genius

Young writer conquers tech problemsIt’s ironic that I ended up finding my greatest success as a writer through a blog-based, online writing business. I am one of the most non-technical people you’ll ever meet.

Technology makes me cry, honestly. I have been known to assume the fetal position and moan softy for prolonged periods when I can’t get some widget to work right.

Or to think seriously about flinging a computer out a window.

So I feel for writers when I get questions like these:

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