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7 Reasons You Have More Writing Clips Than You Think

More samples Here’s a common lament I hear from freelance writers:

“I don’t have any writing samples! What should I do to get clips for my portfolio?”

Well, wait just a minute there. Because often, when I ask more questions, I find out you’ve got clips.

You just don’t think you have any.
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Do You Have Story Idea Constipation? How to Break the Logjam

Waiting to use the bathroomEver had a great idea for an article?

The moment you think of it, everything comes to a halt. You are entranced. You love this idea!

You’re sure you know the ideal publication for it, too. A big, important, great-paying magazine.

This is the idea that’s going to transform your portfolio and make your career take off. You can hardly sleep at night, thinking about how great this is going to be.

And there, your troubles begin.


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6 Quick Ways to Tweak Your Pitches to Get More Article Writing Jobs

Frustration stress and writers blockEver had a pitch rejected?

It happens to all freelance writers — we get used to it.

But what about being rejected by the same editor twice? Three times? Four?

How about eight times?

That’s how many times it took me to land one of my target magazines, a craft-brewing trade publication.

Rather than seeing this as a cause for embarrassment, this pitching experience is an example of how creativity and determination can end up landing you a feature article in a dream publication.

It also helped me discover how to write better pitches that get you more article writing jobs.

Here are six tips I learned along the way:
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Watch Out for This Income-Killing Online Writing Scam

Businessman taking the baitIt’s an exciting time, when you finally start to get some traction as a freelance writer.

You land a client or two, and start writing. Maybe you score a gig with a popular blog, or you’re writing for a big website.

Having highly visible bylines often leads to emails from prospective clients. They’re impressed by who you’re writing for, and they’d like to hire you.

Unfortunately, what they’d like to hire you to write is not always legit.

I’ve gotten shady requests many times because of the visibility of my Forbes blog, and I know I’m far from alone.

For instance, here’s a discussion thread we recently had in Freelance Writers Den:

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The 3 Big Things Freelance Clients Want Most

boss giving orders to his employeesLast summer, I had zero clients.

I was sending tons of letters of introduction (LOIs) to prospects without receiving a single positive response. Now, I have a steady freelance income and a growing client base.

What changed? I shifted my approach.

Instead of focusing on why I wanted to work with my prospective freelance clients, I started focusing on how my experience could uniquely provide the three key things all clients want out of the freelance relationship.

Here are the three things I’ve discovered clients are looking for — and how I earn more by meeting these desires in my marketing and my client work:
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Unlock Your Potential With the QTIP Method for Freelance Writing Success

Unlocking DreamsWhen you start a new freelance writing gig, are you full of hope? I know I am.

This gig is going to be great. We’re sure of it.

This is the sample that’s going to really take the portfolio up a notch. It’s a game-changer. Exciting!

Then, things start to happen, and often, writers go straight down the emotional drain.

For instance, take this recent comment from a Freelance Writers Den member (I’ve condensed it here):


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