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For Writers Considering Self-Publishing: 8 Useful Posts

Writer publishing own e-bookBy Jennifer Roland

Since Carol’s getting ready to spill *all* of her e-book publishing mistakes, she thought you could get in the mood with this handy roundup of posts with e-book marketing tips for self-publishing writers — and writers who’re considering taking the plunge.

  1. Why Freelance Writers Should Consider Becoming Authors: “If you can write an article, you can write a book.” This guest post describes how Nina Amir made the transition from freelance writer to published author — and how it affected her business.
  2. Could Publishing an Ebook Get You Better Freelance Writing Work? In this guest post, Dana Sitar gives concrete examples of how you can position your books to grow your freelance writing career.
  3. Is This the Secret to Using eBooks to Grow Your Blogging Income? Carol takes a look at how Danny Iny has made $250K by giving his books away free. When you’re looking at your overall career, you might want to look at ways you can earn beyond just freelance writing. And books can really position you for success in speaking engagements, mentoring, training, and other income possibilities.
  4. Guy Kawasaki’s Radical Advice for Getting Your Book Published: Awesome advice from Guy Kawasaki on why you need to control the publishing process. He and Carol really dig into specifics you need to think about when making the decision whether you want to be traditionally published or self-published.
  5. 8 Important Questions to Ask Before You Publish Your Book: Once you’ve decided to write your book, you need a killer marketing plan. These questions will help you get the information you need to do that.
  6. My Best Book Marketing Tip for Creating Maximum Buzz: What can you do to set yourself apart in your market? Carol used LinkedIn messages to engage her network in marketing one of her books with a mass-mail technique that’s a bit controversial — be sure to check out the comments! Would this work with your LI network?
  7. What You Can Learn from One Writer’s Unlikely NY Times Bestsellers: Want to know how to drive platform and publicity? Take a lesson from a NYT bestselling writer and do something fun and unconventional. Something that fits your personality.
  8. Are Preview Readers’ E-Book Reviews a Fraud? Reviews, especially on Amazon, are critical for driving sales. But some people have written fake reviews, paid people for reviews, and done other shady things that have tainted the market. Carol gives advice for doing your reviews right — so they can be effective sales tools.

Got questions about self-publishing? Leave them in the comments — or come hear Carol dish details on her e-book publishing fails (and how she learned to succeed from those) at the free Webinar, Why My First E-Book Flopped…and What I Changed to Make $12K+ From E-Books in 2014. It’s coming up Tuesday.

Jennifer Roland is a freelance writer and the guest-blog editor here at Make a Living Writing. She focuses on edtech, lifestyle topics, marketing and public relations, and content creation. Her latest book, 10 Takes on Writing, will be out in late 2014.


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7 Easy Jobs That Leave Your Days Free for Writing

worker with fork pallet truckThe key thing about writing is that it takes a lot of mental energy. Your friends and relatives may *think* you’re doing nothing, but you and I know you’re sweating yourself into a near-coronary trying to craft those words.

And then in your “free” time, if you’re a freelance writer, you’re also doing marketing.

If you work a demanding day job on top of all this, it can leave you too drained to get your writing done or keep your freelance business growing.

Searching for a side gig

I know, because I worked for years as a legal secretary. That was sort of OK when I was a songwriter, rehearsing and performing with my band at night. But when I switched into nonfiction article writing, it was a major problem. It was just too many hours sitting at the desk, dealing with snippy, anal-retentive lawyers and having to think about court deadline schedules and getting filing drafts letter-perfect.

Plus I was never free to interview anyone during the day.

Lots of writers find themselves needing to pick up a little side job at some point or other — so don’t feel bad if this happens to you. The key is to find easy, flexible, short-term, or night work that doesn’t drain your life force until you’re a shriveled husk, and conserves energy for your writing gig.

What sort of side jobs do I mean? Here are seven part-time gigs that fit the bill:

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How I Found a Great Freelance Writing Client in My Spam

Writer searches spam for client leadsBy Chris Peden

I wasn’t trained as a writer. I got my undergraduate degree in accounting, and went off to the working world to balance some books for various businesses. Eventually, I started my own firm, doing accounting and taxes for small businesses and individuals.

However, I have branched out into freelance writing, helping explain the sometimes complicated world of accounting and taxes for my clients.

Of course, like many of you, the big question I have is how to find freelance writing clients. You do have to go out and look for them. They aren’t just going to appear in your inbox.

Or are they?

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