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Your Top 20 Favorite Posts About Freelance Writing for 2012

Posted in Blog on January 4th, 2013 by Carol Tice – 18 Comments

What should I be writing about on this blog? What information could I share that would stand the best chance of helping writers earn more?

These are questions I’m thinking a lot about lately. (And yes, please do tell me your thoughts about it in the comments.)

One way I try to figure out what would help writers most is by looking at the list below — the most popular posts of the year.

To create this list, I used my Google Analytics, and eliminated posts that originally went up before 2012. (I’ve also excluded posts from my Marketing 101 for Freelance Writers e-course — subscribe here to get those.)

I made it a list of 20 instead of just a top 10 because I wanted to look at more data on what readers like.

Take a look — bylines are mine except where noted. These are ranked by the number of pageviews each post received across the calendar year of 2012:

  1. How I Made Six Figures as a Freelance Writer
  2. How I Became a More Productive Writer by Doing This One, Simple Thing
  3. 10 Writer Websites That Kick Butt and Get Clients
  4. How I Got $25,000 Blog Subscribers From Pinterest — in Two Months Flat by Taylor Flanery
  5. 10 Mistakes I Made Publishing My Ebook — and How You Can Do it Better
  6. 10 Reasons Why You Can’t Make a Living Writing by Josh Sarz
  7. Are You Letting Sleazebag Freelance Clients Get You Pregnant?
  8. How To Get Great Blogging Clients… Even if You’re a Teenage Nigerian (featuring Bamidele Onibalusi)
  9. How to Dig Out of the Content-Mill Hole and Land a Client — Fast by Elaine Yue
  10. The 3 Worst Blog-Writing Blunders — Don’t Make These Mistakes by Danny Iny
  11. How to Win a Free Year in Freelance Writers Den (sorry folks, this contest has expired!)
  12. The 10-Step Guide to Fixing the Writer Website Fails That Cost You Clients
  13. 7 Ways the Make a Living Writing Blog Makes Money
  14. The 13 Business Bloggers All Freelance Writers Should Read to Earn More
  15. 7 Ways a Freelance Writer Can Create Retirement Income
  16. 3 Guest Post Pitch Emails That Got the Gig
  17. 5 Reasons Why Your Letter of Introduction Isn’t Getting You Writing Gigs
  18. Answers to 100 Freelance Writing Questions — Including Yours (still room for your question here!)
  19. How to Get Well-Paid Copywriting Jobs Without Being a Suck-Up by James Brown
  20. How One Writer Pulled Out of a Depression and Kick-Started Her Earnings by Sarah Protzman Howlett

A few thoughts on these (and a preview of what’s to come in 2013):

As with last year’s list, nearly half of these begin with “how.” This list also contains quite a few of what I’d call “example” posts, where I offer concrete evidence on how to do something — the actual emails that got a gig, for instance, or 10 examples of good writer sites. I’ll be looking to deliver more of this sort of specific, nitty-gritty info next year.

Short lists of do’s or don’ts were also popular — there are more lists of under-10 than of 10 or more. Presenting one single tip worked for you, too.

The other big shift I see is that many of these talk about blogging or writer websites. When I started this blog, all the posts revolved around finding freelance gigs the old fashioned way, where you go to work for a company or magazine.

But as self-publishing and blog-monetizing have emerged as increasingly viable ways for writers to earn, more posts are addressing this side of paid writing as well. Posts on ebooks and blogging were favorites, so you can expect more of that next year, too. I think of this blog as an umbrella for all avenues to paid writing.

I’m excited to see that six guest posts made the top 20 — apparently, you are loving the variety of fresh voices my guest posters bring as much as I am. Hoping to see even more of these next year.

I included the contest post as a reminder to myself that you like contests. As it happens, I love putting them on! So I’m definitely planning more of them next year…and the prizes are going to be tasty. Stay tuned.

Speaking of guest posts…my guest-post well is nearly dry, so it’s a good time to pitch me ideas. For those who don’t know, I pay $50 a post (and it’s pretty competitive to get an assignment, so bring your best idea we haven’t covered before!) Read my guidelines first, if you want a chance at getting a post approved.

What would you like to learn from this blog in 2013? Leave me your topic ideas in the comments.


Best Articles for Writers 2011

Posted in Blog on December 30th, 2011 by Carol Tice – 16 Comments

When you do a monthly best-articles post for freelance writers, there’s only one place that can lead.

That’s right — I’ve rounded up all my monthly best picks and then culled through over 100 nominees, to find my picks for the very best articles on writing and blogging for the whole year.

In case you’re wondering, this was hard! I decided to suspend my usual rule of not allowing any one site to have more than one entry.

But no one writer was allowed more than one entry. As is my habit, I also went for a mix of writing and blogging topics for both beginners and more seasoned scribes.

Boiled it all down..and these are my must-reads.


Have a wonderful New Year’s weekend, all. May better writing income be yours in 2012!

What were your favorite online articles this year, writers? Feel free to add to my list.

The 10 Best Articles for Writers (and Bloggers!) – November 2011

Posted in Blog on November 30th, 2011 by Carol Tice – 12 Comments

I’m apparently in a practical mood this month — large number of “how-to” posts here for freelance writers and bloggers looking to learn more about their craft. Our winners this month are a tasty mix of well-known masters and fresh faces.


  1. The 3-Step Cure for No-Sales Syndrome by Sonia Simone on Copyblogger. Some of the advice in this great post, I find myself saying to people all the time. I recently had a prospect with a 12,000-person email list ask me what they should be blogging about. “Have you asked your audience what they want from you?” I said. They hadn’t. Shoulda read this post. Read it now, and think about how it applies to pitching your freelance writing services.
  2. A New Way to Use Guest Blogging to Grow Your Blog by Onibalusi Bamidele of YoungPrePro, on Bloggingtips. If you don’t know Oni yet, he’s a very sharp teenage African blogger — just check out his Top 10 Blogs for Writers nominations over on Write to Done (see below for more info on that). Here, Oni documents the results of a guest post-a-thon he did recently.
  3. First, ten by Seth Godin on Seth’s blog. I’m not sure I’ve had Seth on my top 10 lists yet — what an oversight! I love the conciseness of Seth’s posts…still working on getting my own wordcount down. This post sums up pretty much all you need to know about product development in nine paragraphs.
  4. How to Change from a Social Media User Into a Social Media Leader by Dave Larson, @TweetSmarter, on KISSMetrics. Now that I’ve just finished up a social-media basics Webinar to conclude my How to Make Good Money Writing Online bootcamp, this post looks even more helpful than when I first read it. A great, quick advanced course on how to make your social media time truly productive.
  5. How to Create an Immersive Blog Experience by Marko Saric on How to Make My Blog. Here’s a new site (to me, anyway) that I discovered recently. I loved this post — there’s even demo videos that show you his blogging practices in action.
  6. How to Show (Not Tell) – a Writing Lesson from John LeCarré by Mary Jaksch on Write to Done. I was browsing all the wonderful nominations for Top 10 Blogs for Writers 2012 this blog got (thanks all — and feel free to add yours, if you haven’t nominated yet!), when this post arrived on top of it. I think I don’t talk enough about writing skill and writing style around here, and reading this post will go a long way to make up that deficit. This post is also a great example of how we can draw ideas from whatever we’re doing in our personal lives to create a great post.
  7. How to Work From Home Without Going Insane by David Tate on Lifehacker. We can’t laugh enough in our precious, short time here on Earth, so I always love great, funny posts. This one outlines all the rewards and problems of being a home-based solopreneur in a sharp comedic style. I don’t write funny all that well or often, so I’m particular to posts that really pull it off.
  8. Most Freelance Writers Suck – 52 Ways to Make Sure That You Don’t! by Ruth Zive on The Freelance Writing Blog. Ruth’s been hanging around this blog, and in Freelance Writers Den, and learning tons about what makes a rippingly useful blog post and a sharp blog headline — read the results here.
  9. Need to Create? Get a Constraint by Jonah Lehrer on This fascinating post delves into the science behind a syndrome I discovered myself, both as a staff writer and a freelancer: Nothing concentrates the mind like a limit say, like, a deadline. Without that, your 500-word article could take two months to get done, hmm? Sort of explains how it is that some of us freelancers with three kids and a range of other responsibilities can still end up more productive than the rest of our writer friends.
  10. One Big Reason Why Commercial Writing Pays Better and Resists “Off-Shoring” (and Why this Other Kind of Writing Doesn’t…) by Peter Bowerman on The Well-Fed Writer. Fascinating dissection of what writing types will continue to earn American writers big money, and exactly why. A roadmap for anyone wondering how to keep earning well as the downturn drags on…and on…and on.

Read any good articles for writers lately? Feel free to add more links in the comments.

Tune in next month, when I unveil my first-ever Best Articles for Writers of the Year post, where I’ll pick the best articles from all my monthly compendiums — plus maybe a pick or two from December — to create one best-of-the-best list. If you don’t already, subscribe and you won’t miss it.

The 10 Best Articles for Writers – October 2011

Posted in Blog on October 31st, 2011 by Carol Tice – 12 Comments

I just have to say — there’s been some tasty articles about freelancing out there this month! Most of these folks I’ve been reading quite a while, but some of them haven’t popped up on my monthly best-of lists until now. There are a few fresh new faces, too.

I’m seeing themes here of blogging best practices, and marketing tips. Enjoy!

  1. The #1 Reason You Aren’t Earning at Least $100/Hour by Ruth Zive on The Freelance Writing Blog. Ruth has only been freelancing a few years, but she’s a longtime writing pro who’s already giving back and helping folks out with some inspirational posts.
  2. 5 Social Media Myths Disproved by Dan Zarella on FixCourse. This site is new to me, but Dan Zarella isn’t — watch for his interesting, data-backed advice to pop up all over the Interwebs.
  3. 12 of the Best About Pages on the Internet by The Blog Tyrant on Blog Tyrant. If you haven’t discovered the mysterious, 25-year-old Australian Blog Tyrant, I’ve been reading him for quite a while and he has some solid information, so happy to find a chance to include one of his rants here.
  4. Attention Writers: These 3 Simple Tricks Will Help You Make More Money with Less Effort by Sean Platt on GhostwriterDad. Sean is one of the hardest-working helpers of freelance writers out there. He’s actually madly busy writing his serialized apocalyptic novel Yesterday’s Gone with David Wright, but still takes time to help you make more money. I think that’s awfully nice of him.
  5. How to Battle Scope Creep in a Writing Assignment by Linda Formichelli on The Renegade Writer. Now that I’ve brought Linda on as the Other Den Mother in Freelance Writer’s Den, I have a bit more free time…to read her great posts! This one’s got practical help for coping with one of the biggest problems in the freelancing game.
  6. How to Write What People Actually Want to Read by Mary Jaksch on Write to Done. I think this is Mary’s first appearance on my monthly best-of lists, which is really weird, since I always devour everything she posts. Just a reminder to stop guessing what to write about, and go find out what people actually want to know. Seems simple, yet so many bloggers don’t do it.
  7. Make Your Blog the Event of the Year (and Have People Clamor to Attend) by Tea the Word Chef on Problogger. Tea sets up a tasty analogy here on how blogging is like a dinner party, and makes it really work all the way through. Memorable post.
  8. Moving Beyond Job Boards by Jenn Mattern on All Freelance Writing. Jenn has responded to the crash in available assignments at Demand Studios with a whole series of articles on how to move on from mills. We’re of a mind about online ads — stop wasting so much time on those and work on more productive types of marketing, folks.
  9. The Ultimate Guide to Getting More Referrals and Increasing Word of Mouth by James Clear of Passive Panda. I discovered James at International Freelancers Day back in September. This is a long post that’s packed with great tips. Hoping to have James come guest on a Den Meeting call before the end of the year, but until then, you can read this for some sound advice on how to  get the clients coming your way without having to market your ass off.
  10. What a Painted-On Bikini Can Teach You About Writing Words That Sell by Danny Iny on DIYThemes. Danny writes a good headline, hmm? The article is just as good. Great tips for writing persuasive sales copy here.

Read any good articles online lately? Feel free to add to my list.