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Your Top 20 Favorite Posts About Freelance Writing for 2012

What should I be writing about on this blog? What information could I share that would stand the best chance of helping writers earn more? These are questions I’m thinking a lot about lately. (And yes, please do tell me

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Best Articles for Writers 2011

When you do a monthly best-articles post for freelance writers, there’s only one place that can lead. That’s right — I’ve rounded up all my monthly best picks and then culled through over 100 nominees, to find my picks for

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The 10 Best Articles for Writers (and Bloggers!) – November 2011

I’m apparently in a practical mood this month — large number of “how-to” posts here for freelance writers and bloggers looking to learn more about their craft. Our winners this month are a tasty mix of well-known masters and fresh

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The 10 Best Articles for Writers – October 2011

I just have to say — there’s been some tasty articles about freelancing out there this month! Most of these folks I’ve been reading quite a while, but some of them haven’t popped up on my monthly best-of lists until

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10 Best Articles for Writers – September 2011

Lately, I’ve been talking to a lot of freelance writers who have great portfolios but low incomes. Which I guess is why I have sales and marketing on the brain in this edition of our monthly Top 10. These are

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Best Articles for Freelance Writers and Bloggers – June ’11

Here’s a tantalizing mix of the best articles this month about freelance writing and blogging. There’s a few tasty new voices here from some places you may not be looking…

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