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From a Content Mill to Writing a TV Commercial in 2 Months

From content mills to writing a TV commercial in 2 months.

Fresh out of college, with no real world experience and no real job prospects, I dove into Textbroker in 2013, lured by the appeal of easy money.

Big mistake.

Over the next three years, I slaved for 1.4 cents per word. Even though I was done with school, I was still living the life of a starving college student. Did you know it takes 7,143 words at that rate to make $100?

That’s hard to swallow now that I know it’s possible to make a lot more money from freelancing. If you’ve been writing for traditional-low-pay-race-to-the-bottom content mills, it’s time to rethink your approach to building a freelance business.

I couldn’t maintain such a grueling writing pace for bare bones rations. I wanted satisfying work. I wanted better clients. And I wanted to get paid well. I finally woke up and realized that low-pay work for content mills will never yield pro rates.

Now what?

I put five key strategies in place to transform my freelancing business. The result: Bye-bye, content mills. Hello, better pay and better clients — including a major TV network within two months. Here’s how I did it:

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Content Mill Founder Quits — Will Freelance Writers Follow?

Are content mills going the way of the dinosaurs? There’s a lot of talk that one of the biggest and most successful mills, Demand Studios, may be slowly winding down. Kicking off the most recent speculation about Demand’s fate is

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Can You Really Earn a Living as a Freelance Writer?

I have earned a full-time living from freelancing for over 10 years. There are more than 500 posts on here describing various aspects of how you can make a living as a freelance writer, too. Most of them are based

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5 Reasons Demand Studios Only Pays Writers Peanuts — and Won’t Change

Have you wondered why content mills can’t pay writers better? If you write for content mills — or have in the past — you know their pay rates are rock-bottom low. I gather $20 an article is the big time,

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In Which I Confront Content Mill Owners About Their Rates…In Person

This blog was born from my hatred of low-paying content mills and their habit of writer exploitation. I thought if I could shine a light, and show writers there are real clients and professional pay rates elsewhere, mills might dry

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