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The Top 7 Lies Prospective Freelance Clients Tell — Don’t Fall for These

Let’s take a quick poll, writers: Hands up, who’s gotten screwed by a client? Yeah, I figured. There are a lot of shady businesses out there that take advantage of freelance writers, particularly Internet startups. If you don’t watch out,

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Cash Flow 101 for Freelance Writers: Or, How to Never Feel Broke Again

Hungry writers do terrible things. We take gigs we know we shouldn’t, because we’re desperate and need the money. A few months later, we realize this dysfunctional low-payer is sucking up too much time and making us go broke even

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5 Freelancing Lessons I Learned the Hard Way: Avoid These Career-Killers

By Erika Dreifus Several years back, I was freelancing full-time. Or trying to. With hindsight, I’ve realized I made several mistakes. Some of them doubtless contributed to my return to full-time staff employment. If I ever again attempt full-time freelancing,

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5 Weapons for Fighting the Evil That is Scope Creep

Does this happen to you? You get a freelance writing gig, and it sounds great. But as you start to do the project, things begin to change. You thought you’d be writing one 300-word blog post a week, based on

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Is Your Writing Client a Pain? 5 Tactics that Stop the Agony

Is life with your writing clients a few sandwiches short of a picnic? Maybe your client insists you attend their staff meetings without pay. Or they pay 90 days after checks are due, only after you nag them a half-dozen

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Why Writers Need Contracts

By Carol Tice Have you ever taken a freelance writing assignment based on an oral agreement? Somebody calls you up and says, “Write this! I’ll pay you this much!” And you get all excited and say “Great!” This leads to

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