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The Top 7 Lies Prospective Freelance Clients Tell — Don’t Fall for These

Let’s take a quick poll, writers: Hands up, who’s gotten screwed by a client? Yeah, I figured. There are a lot of shady businesses out there that take advantage of freelance writers, particularly Internet startups. If you don’t watch out,

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Cash Flow 101 for Freelance Writers: Or, How to Never Feel Broke Again

Hungry writers do terrible things. We take gigs we know we shouldn’t, because we’re desperate and need the money. A few months later, we realize this dysfunctional low-payer is sucking up too much time and making us go broke even

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5 Freelancing Lessons I Learned the Hard Way: Avoid These Career-Killers

By Erika Dreifus Several years back, I was freelancing full-time. Or trying to. With hindsight, I’ve realized I made several mistakes. Some of them doubtless contributed to my return to full-time staff employment. If I ever again attempt full-time freelancing,

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