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6 Figures in Year Two: One Writer’s Success Tips

By Shawndra Russell If you’re a writer, you should be skipping in the streets, because we are needed more than ever. Evidence: I was able to ramp my writing business to six figures by the end of my second year

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How to Give Your Freelance Marketing Some GAS

Ever send a pitch letter to a prospective freelance writing client and not get a peep of response? I’ve been hearing from a lot of writers about this issue lately. It seems like writers send a query letter or letter

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Here is All You Need to Know to Write a Sales Page

In a podcast I did a few weeks ago, GhostwriterDad Sean Platt said something that really stuck with me about how writers can beat the recession: “If you can learn how to write copy that sells products, you’ll never go

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10 Best Articles for Writers – September 2011

Lately, I’ve been talking to a lot of freelance writers who have great portfolios but low incomes. Which I guess is why I have sales and marketing on the brain in this edition of our monthly Top 10. These are

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16 Success Tips for Guest Posting on Blogs

You may have heard that guest posting on popular blogs is a good way to get your blog noticed. This week on the blog, we’re going to delve into this topic in-depth, debating whether guest posting is a good use

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10 Best Articles for Writers — November 2010

When I’m not writing for clients or for this blog, I read a lot of articles about how to improve your writing or your blog. Most of us writers began as avid readers, didn’t we? I still consider myself a

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