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Watch Me Write a Headline That Goes Viral

Sometimes I’ll see a top blogger comment on social media and boast, “I just wrote a blog post that’s going to go viral!” When I was a newbie blogger, I would think: “How do they know that?” Now that I’ve

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An Inside Look at 10 Classic Headline Writing Fails — and Their Fixes

There’s one big problem that holds freelance writers back from earning more. It doesn’t matter if you’re pitching a big magazine’s editor a story idea, or a top blog’s editor a guest post that could bring thousands of new readers

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How to Write Headlines so Irresistible that Big-Money Clients are Begging You to Write for Them

Do I have your attention now? That headline was pretty grabby, huh. Sort of made you have to click on it to find out how to get good clients. That’s the magic of a well-constructed headline. It works like a

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Why Vagueness Causes Headlines to Fail

By Sean D’Souza The root of all trouble in your headlines is understanding that headlines aren’t some fancy words strung together. On the contrary, they’re simple words that are put together with a clear thought. But the point where it

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