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How I Got 4 Great Freelance Writing Gigs From Job Ads

By Allen Taylor You may have heard that there are never any good freelance writing gigs advertised in the online job ads. But that hasn’t been my experience. In just the past four months, I’ve landed four solid new clients

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3 Simple Ways to Find Better-Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

Do you feel like it’s a pipe dream to make a living as a freelance writer? I hear a lot of comments like this from writers who are about ready to give up on their writing dreams. They write me

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How Kicking Craigslist Jump-Started My Freelance Writing Career

by Sarita Harbour Are you desperately searching Craigslist for freelance writing gigs? I was. But not anymore. Using techniques Carol Tice and Linda Formichelli teach in the Freelance Writers Den, not only did I kick my Craigslist habit, I gained

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Marketing 101 for Freelance Writers #5: How to Quickly Mine Job Ads for Gold

Anyone who has spent a week looking at the writing jobs posted on Craigslist knows online job ads are not a great source of top-paying clients. The best clients, you find doing your own proactive marketing. However…there are a few

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7 Simple Tips to Grow Your Online Writing Income

Are you wondering where the good-paying online writing gigs are hiding? I get this question from a lot of freelance writers. When I ask them what they’re doing, the answer is usually the same. They’re answering a lot of online

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The 10 Best Articles for Writers – October 2011

I just have to say — there’s been some tasty articles about freelancing out there this month! Most of these folks I’ve been reading quite a while, but some of them haven’t popped up on my monthly best-of lists until

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