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How I Found a Great Freelance Writing Client in My Spam

By Chris Peden I wasn’t trained as a writer. I got my undergraduate degree in accounting, and went off to the working world to balance some books for various businesses. Eventually, I started my own firm, doing accounting and taxes

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The Simple Email Marketing Tactic That Tripled My Response Rate

By KeriLynn Engel When I first started freelance writing full time, I was sending out email letters of introduction (LOIs) left and right, sometimes dozens in a week. Some writing gurus will tell you email marketing is just a numbers

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One Writer’s Success: 2 Paying Gigs With Zero Writing Clips

By Craig Baker Every writer in history has stood at the starting line, pen and paper at the ready, eager for that big story that is going to launch them into freelance writing success. But if you don’t have any professional

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How to Reel in Great Freelance Writing Clients with a Bait Piece

By James Palmer There are many ways freelance writers can get new clients, but few are more effective than a bait piece. Write it once, then post it on your site and it’ll go to work for you all the

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How I Landed 2 Writing Clients and $1,000+ in Just 7 Emails

By Jessica Leigh Brown Have you ever needed to scare up a few new freelance writing clients? That was me in early January. To spread the word, I decided to email all my past freelance writing clients, along with prospective

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Ron Burgundy’s Classy Marketing Tips for Authors and Freelancers

Writers, if you’ve been hibernating to stave off the cold weather, you may not be aware that comedian Will Ferrell has a new movie out. And not just any movie — the sequel to Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

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