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A Simple System to Turn Your Blog into a Cash Machine

By Mary Jaksch Can you make money blogging? The answer is: Yes! But when you first start blogging, earning from a blog seems impossible. But the good news is that you – yes, you who are reading this article –

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3 Easy Tips For Un-Sucky Email Interviews

Let me say this up front: Emails are not really interviews, from a journalistic point of view. I’ve shared my view on that repeatedly. But writers are increasingly relying on this method of extracting quick quotes from experts. Often, they’re

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The 10 Best Articles for Writers (and Bloggers!) – November 2011

I’m apparently in a practical mood this month — large number of “how-to” posts here for freelance writers and bloggers looking to learn more about their craft. Our winners this month are a tasty mix of well-known masters and fresh

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