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21 Ways to Market Your Writing: The Social Media Edition

Earlier this week, I discussed 11 ways to market your writing services. In this post, we’ll delve into 10 more marketing methods, this time using social media and the Internet. 1. Use LinkedIn. If you subscribe to one of the

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21 Ways to Market Your Writing Services

In my mentoring work, I often find myself introducing my mentees to a basic fact of life for freelance writers: If you want to earn more, you’re going to need to market your business aggressively. Answering Craigslist or Kijiji ads

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Mailbag: How to Successfully Blog

Now that we’re getting settled into our new home at Make a Living Writing, it’s time to open the mailbag and answer a reader question. Maureen recently wrote me with this introduction and a question about blogging: I worked for

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10 Negotiation Tips for Writers

One of the questions I get a lot is how to negotiate a good rate. Writers who’ve written for mills usually have no experience with the dynamic of working out a rate with a client. You’ve seen a million job

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Subscribe–or Resubscribe–to Make a Living Writing

Hi all — It’s been a rocky week trying to get everything working here on the new Make a Living Writing site. A couple problems remain that only you, the reader, can resolve. If you subscribed on RSS to this

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Make a Living Writing Gets Its Own Site!

I’m excited to report the next step in the evolution of this writing blog…welcome to, the new home for my blog about the business of writing. Why spin the blog off to its own site? I increasingly find myself

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