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7 Ways Freelance Writers Can Find Better Pay – Right Now

Are you wondering where the good-paying freelance writing jobs are hiding? I’ve written on how to earn more and move up quite a bit. But clearly, it’s not enough. Writers need more information on where the good-paying jobs are. After

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How Freelance Writers Can Create a Killer Resume

By Carol Tice Resumes have been important to writers forever. Writing a strong one could really help you land better gigs. I recently took a writer survey on my blog about what readers would like to learn, and I got

When to Walk Away From a Writing Job Offer

By Carol Tice As a writer begins to market their writing, more work offers turn up. Because I’ve marketed the heck out of my writing business for about the past two years, I have a lot of work offers flowing

Beyond the Writer’s Market

By Carol Tice In a previous post, I wrote about the advantages of using The Writer’s Market to find new markets to query. But as my writer-friend Bob Howells recently pointed out on his blog SureFireWriting, The Writer’s Market is

The Two Most Important Words for Freelancers

By Carol Tice As I go along this freelance-writing road, and see the troubles of many low-earning freelancers, I’ve come to believe there are two key words that can really make a difference in your writing career. Feeling empowered to

If at First Your Query Letter Doesn’t Succeed

By Carol Tice Today, a story of persistence in querying: I got a recent email from a business editor I regularly pitch. I had sent her a query about mobile payments back in April. The project it was intended for