First Friday Link Party for Writers — Jumpin’ June Edition
Carol Tice | 46 Comments

beach partyThe sun has been out this week and I know I have not been wanting to write!

If you’d like a hit of marketing for your blog done quick so you can take off for a beach party, here’s your chance.

Today’s our June First Friday link party for writers. This is your chance to get some new blog readers and grab some attention for the great stuff you’re writing on your blog.

My link party is for bloggers who’ve got a smokin’ post about blogging, writing, marketing, work-from-home, productivity, or freelancing that they’d like to share with my readers.

Links are limited to 100, so post early.

Good luck everybody! Directions are below.

And this time, believe I’ve managed to enable the feature where you can delete your own link if you don’t like how it displays right off and want to try again…so I am expecting to see awesome headlines and nice graphics, folks.

46 comments on “First Friday Link Party for Writers — Jumpin’ June Edition

  1. Sheila Bergquist on

    I can’t enter this because I don’t write about writing. I read Carol’s site for great tips because I am trying to be a writer and make a living at it. But what I wanted to say is I LOVE this link party and read almost all the entries. I have discovered some great new sites! This is such a great thing Carol is doing, but we all know how truly giving she is. Thanks Carol!
    Sheila Bergquist recently posted…My Purrfect Moments With HoneyMy Profile

    • Carol Tice on

      You’re welcome. Honestly, I love reading and discovering my readers’ blogs!

      I should probably do a post out of reading these links and give some pointers on how to make the posts better… 😉 Putting that on my idea list!

      And remember, it’s not just writing — it’s blogging, marketing, productivity, work from home, freelancing. The area is pretty broad. And I see some of the posters this time were kind of stretching the definition…so I’ll have to think about whether I’m going to spike inappropriate posts.

      • Sheila Bergquist on

        I’m still such a newbie I can’t offer any advice on any of that…one reason I read your site religiously! Yes, there are some entries here that stretched the rules a bit. I get so caught up reading others sites I tend to neglect my own…not a good thing, but I love discovering the gems that are out there.
        Sheila Bergquist recently posted…My Purrfect Moments With HoneyMy Profile

    • Carol Tice on

      Linda, you can only vote once! That’s why it won’t let you do it again.

      It’s such an adventure, having this new technical feature on the blog! I find my audience is so technically challenged in general that it’s a miracle I get any retweets… 😉

  2. Cari on

    Got the linky and put it in the code and it looks really good but now I’ve heard from two different friends that they’re not able to vote? There’s still 11 hours to go… Anyone have this problem?

    What a great way to grow the reading list.
    Thanks so much Carol.
    Cari recently posted…Why Your Writers Website is an Important WeaponMy Profile

    • Carol Tice on

      Not sure what could be wrong…but it does not show existing votes until YOU vote…you just click on one of the ‘vote’ tabs with the little yellow star next to the word ‘vote,’ below your choice of post. Then your vote is tallied and you can see the standings on all the posts.

      If they’re not seeing the ‘vote’ maybe try another browser? But I haven’t had a problem.

  3. Nida Sea on

    I LOVE this monthly link party! I didn’t post this time around because I don’t have any new posts (a habit that is soon to die!). I voted, in any case. Good luck, bloggers!

    • Carol Tice on

      I’m still freaking out about being on the cover! They didn’t tell me or anything. When I walk past it in a bookstore I’m still all, “What the? Is that my NAME?” There are like 175 pages of editorial in the front and scads of authors and I had no idea they would put me on the cover.

      I have an article in the 2014 edition as well, but I’m assuming lightning won’t strike twice on that. 😉

  4. Mario Zeleny on

    I am back again! Wow lots more posts this time. Nice!

    I gotta get my act together (i.e., reduce some commitments and plan ahead) and contribute. I have so much fun visiting at First Fridays!

    I don’t have time to read or look all of them, though I would like too. So, I am being led by the headlines and pictures today. I see some that I am going to click on because I like the picture and head line, but I have no interest the topic. Way to go, you guys… making me click like that! I bet I will be loving one of those articles and voting for one of those guys !

    It’s really nice people are able to repost their pictures and headlines! BONUS!

    Once again, Thank you for the fun. You have great guests!!!


  5. Carol Tice on

    OK, I have kinda blown it here! We forgot to get up the link party widget in the sidebar — it’s up now.

    Apparently, I have somehow failed to require linkers to use it on their sites in my linky software…so I’ll just ask for volunteers.

    If you’ve linked above, please paste your party code in and share that you’re part of this link party back on your post! It’s only fair to return the favor.

    I know my readers are cool people, so I know I can count on you for that. 😉

  6. Joel Foster on

    whoops, wished I read the big tip! I posted MY name instead of the name of the post. The post name is A Blog’s Life: The Birth, Death, Rebirth and Second Death of in case anyone was wondering.
    Happy Link Friday!

    Thanks Carol!
    Joel Foster recently posted…Megachurched Is Resurrected!My Profile

  7. Carol Tice on

    Holy molys, the link has only been live for about 3 hours and we’re already more than half full! Looks like some REAL tasty headlines this time…I have to do an interview call shortly but I’ll be back to read and retweet!

    And folks, remember that if you’ve forgotten to put a headline, or put your name instead of your post headline by mistake, you should be able to delete and repost.

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