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How to Get Great Freelance Clients — The E-Book 

To earn well as a freelancer, it’s important to avoid crummy clients and find great-paying ones. So I got together with Linda Formichelli from The Renegade Writer and top Copywriters’ Coach Chris Marlow to create a 4-week bootcamp on finding better clients. 

This e-book gives you all the materials from that $200 class in handy e-book form! We’ve even included the questions writers asked us at the end of each session, and our answers.


$19.99 Only $7.00!

What you'll learn:

  • Where to find great clients and how to avoid bad ones
  • The questions to ask to quickly qualify prospects — and avoid wasting time!
  • How to do sophisticated marketing that lands gigs with better magazines and companies
  • How to negotiate great rates from these better clients — our 13 best strategies
  • 28 Great writing niches that pay well — and how to get started in them 

Includes a workbook!

To help you put these tips into action, Get Great Freelance Clients comes with a 30-page Workbook stuffed with resources, including dozens of links to the best client-finding sites we know! It’s got space to take notes and execute your own personalized plan for finding great-paying clients.

How to Get Great Freelance Clients Workbook

P.S. We send you a bundle of all three popular e-book formats with your purchase — PDF, Mobi and ePub. Read, use, and enjoy on the device of your choice.

$19.99 Only $7.00!

Customer Raves

“Ditch the pennies-per-word clients...” Ditch the pennies-per-word clients for quarters-per-word ones! With the New Year right around the corner, you can’t go wrong investing the price of a couple coffee’s in a book that will show you where the best clients are and how to make sure they’re right for you. If there’s one Christmas gift you buy yourself this year, make it this! —Charlotte L. Edwards

Charlotte Edwards
Cindi Kerr

“Provides clear steps for how to get great freelance clients...” Get Great Freelance Clients! If you want great freelance clients, this book is for you. This book provides clear steps for how to get great freelance clients while avoiding the bad ones. The question-and-answer format makes the book easy to read and the searchable index in the back makes it my go-to reference. A must-have for all freelance writers, beginner and experienced alike. I highly recommend it. —Cindi Kerr

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$19.99 Only $7.00!