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Quit Your Job: Inside My Low-Risk Leap Strategy to Full-Time Freelancing

The Freelancer's Low-Risk Leap Strategy to Quit Your Job. Makealivingwriting.comReady to quit your job for full-time freelancing? Hold on just a second Ghostrider.

If you’ve got nerves of steel, piles of money in the bank, or you’re living rent free in your sister’s basement, go for it.

Or if you stare in the mirror every day and recite this old-school pro wrestler’s mantra: “I dine on danger and snack on death,” maybe you’ve got the guts to quit your job and walk out.

That wasn’t me. I’ve got plenty of hustle and freelanced on the side for years.

But making the leap from a job as a staff writer to full-time freelancing felt a little too risky. As in three kids, a mortgage, pending divorce, life…

Sound familiar?

If you’re a risk-averse freelancer, you need to find a practical way to quit your job for full-time freelancing with the least financial impact as possible.

When I finally walked away from my day job last year, I already had $4,000 in monthly freelance contracts lined up, and I’ve made more than that every month since.

Want to know how I did it? Here’s my low-risk leap strategy to full-time freelancing:

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Stop Hearing Crickets: These Pitch Changes Get You More Writing Jobs

Hearing Crickets? One Change Gets More Writing Jobs. Makealivingwriting.comAre you desperate to find more good-paying writing jobs?

I hear from a lot of writers who send out pitch after pitch…and hear absolutely nothing back. Crickets.

Recently, I met a writer who said they had sent 800 pitch letters out, and gotten zero responses!

That’s just wrong.

If you never get a response to your pitches — even just to say, “We don’t use freelancers” or “We already have this topic assigned” — you’ve got big trouble.

Stop what you’re doing. It’s time to re-assess.

Getting off the intermediary places like Upwork, content mills, and Craigslist ads, is key to earning better rates. To do that, you’ve got to be able to target better-caliber clients you want, pitch them, and get them to say ‘yes.’

If you’ve been hearing crickets from your pitches, and you’re confused about how to change things, good news: there are basically only three things you can do to make this better. The road to a better response rate isn’t complicated.

There are three big levers you can throw to improve your situation. Changing any single one of them could make a HUGE difference in the number and caliber of clients you get.

Ready to start getting more responses, client meetings, and assignments? Here are the only three things to focus on, if your pitches aren’t getting results:

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Hunting for Work? 15 Tips to Track Down Freelance Writing Jobs

How to Track Down Freelance Writing Jobs. Makealivingwriting.comAre you on the hunt for freelance writing jobs?

If you’re not looking in the right places, you might spend a lot of time chasing tracks that lead to nowhere.

Maybe you’re in a barren client landscape. Or you’re surrounded by hoards of other hunters looking for freelance writing jobs. Or maybe you took a wrong turn, and you’re completely lost.

It happens. But don’t panic. All you need to do is reorient yourself and get back on track.

If you haven’t seen any well-paying freelance writing jobs lately, it doesn’t mean they’re not out there. In fact, there’s more than enough to go around in almost every niche.

So how do you track down good freelance writing jobs? Use these tips to find work. Happy hunting.

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Earn Money Blogging: 3 Ways I Get $500+ Per Blog Post

Earn Money Blogging for $500 Per Post. Makealivingwriting.comAre you tired of writing blog posts for tiny money? If you want to earn money blogging — real money — this post is for you.

There are several ways I’ve been well-paid for blog writing.

And today, I thought I’d run down three great ways to leave terrible, $5-$25 blog post pay behind.

What does it look like, to get paid $500 per blog post?

How does that happen?

All my tips are below.

I’ve been earning well writing blog posts for a long time, and there’s never been more opportunity for bloggers to make serious money.

We’re going to begin with the biggest obstacle to being well-paid for blog-post writing.

It’s not content mills, or Upwork, or Craigslist ads.

It’s between your ears.

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Writing Career Reboot: 5 Steps to Pick Yourself Up After Trauma

Reboot Your Writing Career After Trauma. Makealivingwriting.comIs your life and writing career moving along in a linear fashion, continuously getting better?

Be honest. It doesn’t work that way for anyone.

The reality is bumpy.

Sometimes you have to abruptly take off work for personal reasons:

  • A major illness or death in the family
  • An accident
  • A baby born prematurely
  • Or any number of unexpected and traumatic reasons

I didn’t pick those examples randomly. They’ve all happened to me or my writing friends.

If you step away from your writing career to deal with major life events, hopefully you’ll reach a point where it makes sense to resume work.

But how do you get back on track?

If you’re restarting after taking a break because of trauma, illness the death of a loved one, or some other traumatic life event, here are five tips to reboot your writing career:

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Freelance Writing Gold: Discover This Client to Easily Earn More

The Golden Client to Boost Freelance Writing Income. Makealivingwriting.comDo you know where to find golden freelance writing clients?

You know, the kind of clients that make it possible to work less and earn more.

If you’re thinking that sounds impossible, you’re not alone. A lot of writers settle for freelance writing jobs that don’t pay well, drive down hourly rates, and leave you feeling broke after finishing a one-off job.

Been there? Done that? It doesn’t have to be that way.

When I started freelancing, I stumbled upon a little trick that helped me find my first golden client. This little trick transformed my freelance writing business, and helped me scale from earning nothing to $100,000 within a year.

The same little trick helped me land freelance writing gigs with companies like Google, Sony, GM, St. Jude’s, Goodwill, Verizon and dozens of smaller, but golden clients that pay well.

Want to know how to boost your freelance writing income, work less, and always have plenty of freelance writing work? Here’s the key to finding golden clients:

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