SEO Trends 2021: 5 Optimization Myths to Stop Worrying About

SEO Trends: 5 Myths to Stop Worrying About.

Ever wonder which SEO trends matter and which ones don’t?

SEO trends…as in “search engine optimization.” If you ask the Mysterious Force (aka Google), you’ll get 106 million search results.

And there’s no way you can sift through all that. Plus, some of that advice on SEO trends will either be outdated or just plain false.

But it’s no secret that myths seem to hang around, even long after they’ve been disproved and debunked.

Ever heard of Flat-Earth Theory or the Flat-Earth Society? Ya, they think the world is still…you know…flat.

(Cue: whistle sound of astonishment)

Here’s the thing…If you do it right, making the most of SEO trends that matter can actually help you.

But if you get stuck on search engine optimization trends that don’t work, your site traffic might actually fall off the face of the earth.

It’s a new year, so let’s kick these old optimization myths to the curb!