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How I Got 5 Paid Blogging Gigs With One Query Letter

By Anthony Sills Are you a freelance writer looking to overcome your writing fears and grow your income? Learning how to develop story ideas and write effective queries can help you earn more from writing. If you take the time

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Here’s the Escape Hatch for Writers Who Want to Leave the Low-Pay Grind

If you’re writing for content mills or bidding against thousands of other writers for gigs, you’re stuck in a low-pay trap. Mills don’t give raises. And pay is rarely great when it’s a race to the bottom and clients only

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7 Ways the Make a Living Writing Blog Makes Money

When I started this blog, I thought I would put my posts together into an ebook at some point, and then the ebook would make me bazillions and I’d be all set. That was my whole, grand business plan for

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How to Win a Free Year in the Freelance Writers Den

One year ago this week, Freelance Writers Den opened its doors. It was scary times. I had invested a ton of time and a not-insubstantial sum to create a community for freelance writers who needed expert advice. I hoped it

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Should This Freelance Writer Throw in the Towel?

I got one freelance writing question this month that kind of threw me. It was about giving up. Jennifer wrote to me: Is there a point when a writer should “throw in the towel” so to speak? I’ve submitted approximately

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Is Being a Freelance Writer Really Hard?

Does trying to make it as a freelance writer seem overwhelming sometimes? I hear that a lot. But today, I’m going to be real straight with you. Sometimes, I think it’s b.s. I think some writers make it a lot

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