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Why I Wrote a Traditional Print Book for a Pittance

This is going to seem really crazy, especially on a site where I talk all the time about how writers should always be trying to earn more. But I have an old-fashioned print book coming out July 9, and I

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What You Can Learn from One Writer’s Unlikely NY Times Bestsellers

Success as a writer often happens much as it does in any other type of business — from recognizing a need in the marketplace and filling it. I recently met one writer who’s an inspiration in this area. He’s got

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Why Freelance Writers Should Consider Becoming Authors

By Nina Amir I always wanted to be a writer and make my living by getting paid for my words. However, I didn’t set out to be an author. I set out to be a magazine journalist. I began my

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How One Writer Went from Blogging to Book Deals — and How You Can, Too

Today, my first co-authored print book comes out. It has been a surreal journey to say the least. It was around 2008 or so when it dawned on me that the logical next step for my freelance-writing career was to

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