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Yes, Shy Writers CAN Do In-Person Marketing

Yes, Shy Writers CAN Do In-Person Marketing.

Are you an introvert? A lot of writers are. And I’m one of those shy writers.

You might think it’s a weakness that you’re not the super-social, outspoken type. Or that being an introvert leaves you nothing but low-paying crumbs to collect from mediocre clients. But that’s just not true.

I’m as guilty as the next introverted writer for postponing marketing at all costs to avoid social interaction. But a recent networking event made me realize that it’s time for introverts everywhere to rise up.

You can put your shy nature to work for you to make more contacts and land better clients. Seriously, you can do this.

If you’re an introvert like me, or you just want to get better at marketing, you can. When I learned how to handle marketing as an introvert, my business started to change. I’ve had an influx of people interested in my services. I’ve been able to branch out to new markets. And I’ve been getting more inbound leads. Introverts: Here are four ways to get over your fears, stress less, and land more lucrative projects.

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Marketing 101 for Freelance Writers #6: What You Need Up Your Sleeve

Today, I only want to talk about one tiny thing. It’s usually less than three inches long. But it can have an outsized impact on your freelance writing income. Have you guessed? I’m talking business cards here, people. That’s right,

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GUEST POST: Five New Realities for the Beginning Freelance Writer

By John White The freelance writing life, as my colleague Jim Schott points out, is “a hard way to make an easy living.” I often quote him because freelance writing does seem like a hard way to make a living

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