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How I Got Freelance Writing Jobs Worth $15,000 — in 7 Days Flat

better writing gigs in 7 days: Here's how

Recently, one of my freelance writing clients told me they’d be cutting my workload — which meant less income for me.

Crisis? Nope.

I decided to get proactive and do a week of cold pitching to seek new freelance writing jobs. Before this, I’d gotten all my clients from job boards or referrals.

I know what you might be feeling right now — cold outreach? Yikes!

But, if you shift your mindset and just start doing it, it’s not nearly as scary as it seems. And the results might just surprise you.

Here’s how I got started, got great results in just 7 days — and how you can, too.

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How I Find New Freelance Clients Weekly — With Minimal Marketing

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How I Found 488 Red-Hot Freelance Writing Prospects

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4 Creative Ways Freelance Writers Can Break into Tough-to-Crack Markets

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How to Find a Freelance Writing Gig: Here are the Options

Finding clients — especially good ones — seems to be the mysterious part of the freelance writing life. People don’t write me asking, “How can I learn to write competently, so I can be a freelance writer?” Instead, they ask

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How to Break Through the Barriers That Hold Writers Back

I needed to get out of the library, but the door was blocked. And I’m claustrophobic. My kids were acting up and I really needed to get them out of there, increasing my sense of panic. But a mom with

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