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Your Top 20 Favorite Posts About Freelance Writing for 2012

What should I be writing about on this blog? What information could I share that would stand the best chance of helping writers earn more? These are questions I’m thinking a lot about lately. (And yes, please do tell me

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Get Inspired! My Mentors’ New Year’s Resolutions for Freelancers

Well, this is it. Wrap it up with a bow — 2012 ends tonight. It’s time to reflect on what we’ve done as writers in the past year, and look ahead to what we want to write in the coming

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Your 20 Favorite Freelance Writing Posts of 2012 — So Far

Summer for me is time to relax a little, enjoy the sunny weather…and analyze what writers like most about this blog. So I’ve done a little research into the most popular posts on here in the first half of 2012.

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Marketing 101 for Freelance Writers #20: Are You Missing This Key Ingredient?

If you’ve been following along in this marketing series, you know that we have covered a lot of ground. We talked networking, cold calling, and warm emailing. We went over query letters, partnering, referrals, social media marketing…you name it. Maybe

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The 3 Worst Blog Writing Blunders — Don’t Make These Mistakes!

By Danny Iny Writing a blog post isn’t enough. Sure, it’s nice to see your words published for the world to see, but that’s a hollow victory if the world isn’t interested. What you want is a blog post that

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