Bidding on Elance: Here’s How Easily Freelancers Can Get Screwed


From my very first blog post back in 2008, I’ve advocated that freelance writers avoid mass bidding sites such as oDesk and Elance.

This past week, I learned in an unexpected way just how easily freelancers can get ripped off doing writing work through impersonal, third-party platforms like Elance.

Because I got ripped off, big time.

Here’s how it happened…

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Your 7 Favorite Posts About Freelance Writing — So Far

Hey, writers! Looking for a little summertime inspiration to get your freelance writing in gear? Well, I noticed that my January roundup of the most popular posts of 2013 was the most popular post I’ve done here on the blog

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What the Elance-oDesk Merger Means for Freelance Writers

You may have missed it in the holiday crush, but a big deal went down right at the end of the year: oDesk announced it is merging with Elance. Yes, I spend most of my time discouraging writers from hanging

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Why Freelance Writers Should Stop Bitching About Crappy Pay

By Linda Formichelli I keep reading posts in writing forums where someone will say, “X company wants to pay $15 for a 750-word blog post. Why do they think that’s a good price?” Or “This content mill thinks it can

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Are You Addicted to the Heroin of Freelancing?

It started innocently enough. “I need a little money, and I want to get a byline,” you might have thought. “I’ll just write a couple articles for this content mill.” The pay was miniscule. But there it was. Your name.

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