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Get Better Freelance Writing Gigs With These 7 Sneaky Tools

7 Sneaky Freelance Writer Tools

Have you ever wanted to spy on your prospective freelance writing clients?

There are some ways to sleuth out information that can really give you a leg-up in your marketing. The more you know, the easier it is to avoid scams and suss out better freelance writing gigs.

I love digging up useful info on prospective freelance clients.

So whenever I come across a new tool for this, I start compiling a list.

Below are the seven intelligence-gathering freelance writer tools I’m currently finding most useful:

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How I Conquered 200+ Emails Per Day and Reclaimed My Writing Time

My name is Carol Tice and I’m an email addict. (You: “Hi Carol!”) Here is the story of how email overwhelm nearly ruined both my freelance writing and personal lives, and how I slayed the email dragon and returned to

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7 Productivity Tips From My Vacation That Freelancers Can Use All Year

I skipped out for a few days of lakeside vacationing last week (thanks to the readers who answered freelance writing mailbag questions for me!). It was sort of a working vacation in that I did have a laptop along and

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