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5 Ways to Get Your Flaky Freelance Client to Pay Up

Past Due Blue StampHas this happened to you? You slave away meeting a freelance client’s deadline, send in your invoice, and then…nothing.

Your client is smelling like a deadbeat.

What can you do about it? Plenty.

As it happens, I’ve had my share of clients who drag their heels on payment. Over the years, I’ve developed a system for making sure those checks arrive…more on that below.

First, here are my five best tips for rounding up those stray checks:

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Why Some Freelance Writers Earn Big Bucks While Most Slave for Peanuts

Well-paid freelance writer

Do you sometimes feel like an easily replaceable cog in the vast wheel that is the freelance writing marketplace?

If so, you’re not alone.

With all the $5 or $10-a-post writing gigs online, it’s easy to feel writing has simply become a cheap activity — and that clients don’t appreciate the work you do.

Here’s one email I got recently that perfectly sums up the problem many writers face:

“The thing I struggle with is that I am unable to land a gig where the client really values what I do. Since the clients I worked with have a number of writers on the rolls, they always treat each writer as just another disposable commodity. Which is worrying, because it means they will drop me any time they want.

“So how I do go about building a relationship where I’m not just another writer?”–Ryan

Great question! That’s exactly what you want to do if you’re going to become a successful, well-paid freelance writer. Here’s how:

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12 Tips to Overcome Freelance Clients’ Cost Objections

By David Leonhardt So you caught your potential freelance writing client’s interest. Congrats! You like the project (it’s an interesting one, for a change!) and it might even keep your mortgage from defaulting next month. You’ve agonized over the price

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To Become a Successful Freelance Writer, Start Here

Far and away the question I get most often on this blog is how to get started as a freelance writer. There are so many things you could do first off. Which is the right one? But here’s what troubles

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3 Ass-Covering Moves Every Freelance Writer Needs to Make

By Dawn Witzke Do you dream of filing for bankruptcy? Or of having your bank accounts frozen and then drained of every cent? Maybe you’d like to live in a cardboard condo under a bridge somewhere? No? If you’re not

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Why the Freelance Dream of Working in P.J.s is Total B.S.

Did you get into freelance writing for the freedom? The freelance lifestyle sounds great — keeping your own hours, doing as you please. I hear this from a lot of would-be freelancers: “I got laid off, so I’m going to

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