First Friday Link Party for Writers – Beautiful Spring Edition

Welcome to spring! This is the last day of spring break where I am at, so I’ll be hanging out with my kids and turning my blog over to you — the Make a Living Writing community of awesome writers.

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Why the Freelance Dream of Working in P.J.s is Total B.S.

Did you get into freelance writing for the freedom? The freelance lifestyle sounds great — keeping your own hours, doing as you please. I hear this from a lot of would-be freelancers: “I got laid off, so I’m going to

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5 Steps to Take Your Freelance Writing Biz to the Next Level

By Kristen Hicks You know you’re a good writer. You meet deadlines, craft compelling copy with perfect grammar, and always behave professionally. So why are you still struggling to find work? When I started out as a freelance writer, I

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First Friday Link Party for Writers — Jumpin’ June Edition

The sun has been out this week and I know I have not been wanting to write! If you’d like a hit of marketing for your blog done quick so you can take off for a beach party, here’s your

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For Freelancers Who Need to Make Money Quickly

Lately it seems like everyone I meet is in a hurry to make big money as a freelance writer. One writer recently wrote me she needed to know how to make money “on the hurry-up.” Another told me she wanted

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Writers’ First Friday Link Party! Share Your Best Post Here

I’m excited to introduce a new feature here designed to help writers who read this blog grow their own blog audience. It’s a monthly link party! I learned about link parties at the New Media Expo, from the wonderful women

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