Your ‘Les Miserables’ Guide to Freelance Writing Excellence

This week, one of the classic stories of literature turned one of the greatest musicals ever comes to the screen — Les Miserables. Am I the only writer counting the minutes? There are so many ways we can draw inspiration

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How to Save Your Sanity When You’ve Got a Nightmare Freelance Writing Client

Has your promising writing gig turned into the freelance client from hell?

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Why Freelancing is Like Learning to Drive Stick Shift

By Megan Harris Recently, I had a rocky start to my lessons as I learned to drive a manual-transmission car. Believe it or not, it was a lot like the beginning of my freelance writing career. “C’mon, Megan, you can

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The Lowdown on What Freelancers Earn and How They Find Good Clients

Have you been wondering if you can really earn a good living as a freelance writer? Well, today, I’ve got some hard data to unpack for you about freelancers’ lives — what we’re earning and how we get good clients.

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One Freelance Writer’s Surprising Strategy for a Revved-Up Career

By Pinar Tarhan If you want to start a career as a freelance writer, you have two options: You can quit your day job, dedicating yourself to writing full time. Or you can build your portfolio slowly, while keeping that

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The Reality of Freelancing: How It’s Growing, and Why it Rocks

Are you nervous about going it alone as a solopreneur and freelance writer? Well, today I’ve got a big shot of hope for you. With the second annual International Freelancers Day coming on Friday, the event organizers have released an

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