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Write Faster: 4 Tips from a Fired-Up Young Freelancer

Fired-Up Freelancing Strategies to Write Faster.

Ever wonder what the Olympic Games would look like for freelancers? If it’s anything like the Super-G in skiing, it comes down to one thing…write faster.

I started freelancing at 17 years old. Young, right?

In case you didn’t know, that’s how old Lindsey Vonn was when she competed in her first Olympic Games. And she was fast.

By 17, I could throw a blazing fast softball. And if I could learn how to do that, I knew I could learn the business and craft of freelance writing.

I was fired up. I hustled. I sent out tons of pitches. I made mistakes. It’s the same kind of learning process every Olympic athlete goes through to get better.

At first it was hard. Boosting productivity was a big concern. And I needed to learn how to write faster, yet still write well.

So I did what any Olympic writer would do. I took apart my writing process turn by turn, made it better, and learned to write faster. Here’s how:

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How I Wrote 35,000 Words in My ‘Free’ Time

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