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Strong Writers Avoid These 9 Toxic Things

The Strong Writer Defense for Toxic Thoughts.

Are you your own worst enemy, as a freelance writer? I think this career is such a head game — and strong writers don’t waste time going down an emotional drain.

It’s hard to earn a living with your craft if your brain keeps kicking out negative self-talk. I’ve always thought there’s a certain mental toughness you need to freelance, dealing with the ups and downs of different clients.

A few years ago, a post on Forbes about mentally strong people and the activities they avoid really spoke to me. And the fact that the post became one of Forbes’ most-popular ever tells me that if you struggle with keeping positive thoughts, you’re not alone! Turns out there’s a popular book about what mentally strong people avoid, too.

I found myself thinking about how the habits of mentally strong people apply to freelance writers, in particular. Staying positive is so essential to freelance success!

So I came up with my own list of bad patterns that mentally strong writers avoid. Reading the forums inside my writer community has given me a lot of experience with the mental rabbit-holes writers tend to wander down.

Want to be a strong writer? Mentally strong freelance writers don’t engage in these negative activities:

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