Leo Babauta

Are Guest Posts on Blogs Just a Big Waste of Time?

Don’t you hate it when two people in a field, both of whom you really respect, have opposite opinions? That’s the boat I’m in with guest blogging, which is our theme topic this week. The first one — Zen Habits’

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How One Writer’s Blog Hit the Top 10

Some of you may have heard that this blog was chosen as one of the Top 10 Blogs for Writers yesterday. Here is the crazy, unlikely story of all the people who helped me get there. The short version: I

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Top 10 Blogs for Writers Contest – Vote for Me!

There’s a contest for writing blogs that used to run on Michael Stelzner’s site called the Top 10 Blogs for Writers. Now, my A-List Blogger Club leaders Mary Jaksch and Leo Babauta have taken the contest over. This year’s contest

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15 Small Changes to Turbocharge Your Blog

Have you noticed some changes to this blog? They’re all a result of what I’ve learned in the A-List Blogger Club. I joined a month ago, and promised to report on whether I thought it was worthwhile. For the uninitiated,

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Why I Joined a Monthly-Subscription Bloggers’ Learning Community

Last week I wrote over on WM Freelance Writers Community about how important it is to keep learning as a writer — to keep finding opportunities to grow your skills. This week, I decided to take my own advice.

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Mailbag: How to Successfully Blog

Now that we’re getting settled into our new home at Make a Living Writing, it’s time to open the mailbag and answer a reader question. Maureen recently wrote me with this introduction and a question about blogging: I worked for

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