Liz Strauss

The Writer’s Instant Cure for Feeling Stuck

Ever found yourself scribbling story ideas down as you’re driving away from your house to go on vacation? That happens to me every time. I have strong memories of where I was when I got many of my best writing

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The 13 Business Bloggers All Freelance Writers Should Read to Earn More

As I’ve gone along building this blog, I’ve had a secret advantage. It’s my background in business. Business reporting has always been my main beat. Hanging around businesses all that time, I learned a lot that helped me when it

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How Writers Can Beat Fear the “Dune” Way

If you don’t know Liz Strauss yet, let me introduce you. Freelance writers should read her, because she has a lot of great advice for you about conquering fear. And we all know fear is a big problem for many

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