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7 Hacks to Unleash Creative Thinking (When Writers Need It Most)

7 hacks to unleash creative thinking (when writers need it most). Makealivingwriting.com

You’re on deadline. You must finish your article on time. That’s when your creative thinking decides to take a leave of absence. And it does so with no notice.

You’re stuck. You have to write, but you just stare at the computer screen and your fingers do not move.

Every writer has been in this situation. But knowing you aren’t alone won’t help you finish your piece and turn it in on schedule.

These seven creativity hacks will, though.

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How to Dig Out of the Content Mill Hole and Land a Client — Fast

By Elaine Yue “You’re an idiot.” That’s what I told myself after I spent three hours writing a 500-word article for a content mill. What did it pay? A whopping $5. When I had decided I would do some freelance

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