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Why Freelance Writers Earn More With This Simple Piece of Paper

There’s one easy step freelance writers can take to boost their income. It can prevent you from getting ripped off. But I find many writers don’t take this simple step. Here are three stories out of many I’ve heard in

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What Bodysurfing Taught Me About Freelance Writing Success

On my vacation last week, I got some freelance-writing inspiration from a fun activity I haven’t gotten a chance to do since I was a teen: I went bodysurfing and boogie-boarding with my kids, in southern California. Those waves keep

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3 Terrific New Online Gigs for Freelance Writers — Courtesy of Google

Google’s recent algorithm change is opening up a world of new freelance writing opportunities. Here are three areas where businesses are hiring more freelance writers…

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How to Make Your Words Matter

For me, it might be a letter I wrote my dad on his 65th birthday about all the things he taught me. Or maybe it was the piece I wrote about excessive pay at nonprofits that exposed a local scandal,

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20 Tips for Breaking into Print Publications Today

Even for writers who’re doing well online, print publications retain their allure. There’s something about seeing your byline in print that remains uniquely validating for many writers. There’s also a popular belief that print publications pay more, which can be

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