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These Pro Rules Will Help Even a Part-Time Freelancer Earn More

Earn more as a part-time freelancerIt’s only been a couple of years since I decided to start freelance writing to supplement my full-time income. I have a degree in writing, so I figured I’d put that degree to work.

I quickly learned that my degree meant nothing in the freelance world.

After half a year with no prospects, I decided to seek out successful freelancers and learn from them.

Here are the five most useful tips I learned:

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6 Quick Ways to Tweak Your Pitches to Get More Article Writing Jobs

Ever had a pitch rejected? It happens to all freelance writers — we get used to it. But what about being rejected by the same editor twice? Three times? Four? How about eight times? That’s how many times it took

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How to Get Skeptical Clients to Hire a New Freelance Writer

When you’re a newbie freelance writer, it can be hard to see how to take the first step. How will you talk that first client into hiring you? At first, many prospective clients you pitch will turn you down. Which

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Why Your Query Letter Gets No Response: The Painful Truth

Every freelance writer I know hates rejection. But there’s one thing that is even worse. It’s when you send a query letter, and you never hear anything back. No “thanks but no thanks,” no form “we received your query and

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The Secret of My Proven Freelance Follow-Up System

It’s a question that plagues every freelance writer who’s trying to get new assignments. You send out a query letter or letter of introduction, to a magazine editor or a business’s marketing manager. And then, you wait. And wait and

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How to Conquer Your Terror of Screwing Up a Freelance Writing Gig

Are you afraid you’re not good enough as a writer — or maybe worried that you might succeed but get in over your head? Here are a some practical tips on overcoming these fears to move forward.

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