Freelance Work and the Coming Recession: Urgent Moves to Make Now

Urgent Moves to Recession-Proof Your Freelance Work.

Did the recent U.S. stock-market dip make you worried about the future of your freelance work? If so, you’re not alone.

I’ve been getting anxious emails from freelance writers ever since stocks suddenly ended their long upward climb earlier this month, and took a big dip.

Good news: Freelancers can thrive during recessions.

I know this because I steadily built my own freelance writing business up during the last recession, hitting six figures in the final year of the downturn, 2011. You can recession-proof your freelance business now, so that you thrive even when the economy falters.

Let me walk you through what’s happening now, and give you concrete steps to take right now to help you sail through a recession with a solid freelance income.

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For Freelance Writers, The Recession is Over — So Start Your Marketing Engines

I’ve had it with the whining about the down economy, and how hard it is to find good-paying freelance writing assignments. The fact is, there are a lot of signs of recovery out there.

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