Market Report: The 5 Worst Kinds of Freelance Writing Jobs

Skip these dead end freelance writing jobs.

When you’re looking to earn a living as a freelance writer, there’s one important thing to know: Not all freelance writing jobs are created equal.

Some types of writing offer terrific pay, while others always seem to pay peanuts. If you focus your efforts on better-paying opportunities and avoid wasted time on niches that don’t offer pro rates, you’ll improve your odds of building a serious freelance income.

Recently, I’ve had quite a few coaching students announce plans to focus on niches where I believe there is little or no paid opportunity. So I think it’s time to call these out, so writers can avoid them.

Wondering which types of writing are unlikely to pay the bills? Here’s my list of the five worst types freelance writing jobs:

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Can You Help These Freelance Writers Figure Out What to Do?

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Don’t Take These 3 Types of Unethical Writing Assignments

Wouldn’t it be great if every writing assignment you were offered was a terrific one? Unfortunately, that’s not how things always work out in the messy world of free enterprise. There are a lot of shady doings online, and if

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3 Awesome Things One Freelance Writer Got from Writing Free Gear Reviews

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Why I Joined a Monthly-Subscription Bloggers’ Learning Community

Last week I wrote over on WM Freelance Writers Community about how important it is to keep learning as a writer — to keep finding opportunities to grow your skills. This week, I decided to take my own advice.

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