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Grammar Rules for Freelancers Your English Teacher Didn’t Tell You

Grammar rules you should break as a freelance writer.

If you think you’ve mastered all the grammar rules you need to know in English class to be a freelance writer, I’ve got news for you.

Rules were meant to be broken.

Not all the grammar rules you learned in school will help you catch an editor’s attention, write smart marketing copy, or move up and earn more as a freelancer.

And that was hard for me to accept.

I’ve been an English teacher for more than a decade. But to land freelance writing assignments, I had to ignore some of the very grammar rules I taught in school.

Wondering how to improve your writing and send Boring and Stuffy to detention?

I really started to take notice when I was grading formal research papers and thinking about a blog assignment for a client at the same time.

Two totally different worlds.

I’m sure your English teacher was a nice person. But if you want to succeed as a freelance writer, break these grammar rules:

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