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Can You Help These Freelance Writers Figure Out What to Do?

Judging from the emails and Facebook questions I get, some freelance writers think I am the oracle of all knowledge. Fact is, I do not know everything about freelance writing. I get questions I don’t really know how to answer

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The Telltale Signs You’re Too Scared to be a Freelance Writer

Have you been wondering if the freelance writing life is really for you? Maybe you haven’t been able to get started, despite numerous attempts. Maybe you’ve been freelancing, but not earning much. Recently, I’ve noticed a “tell” for writers that

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How I Supercharged My Writing Income with a Niche Website

By Erin Raub I was a few years into my freelance writing career when I decided that I wasn’t quite happy. Like so many other freelancers, I knew I loved to write. I knew that my craft thrived under the

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What to Put On Your Freelance Writer Website if You’re a Newbie

Struggling to build your freelance writer website? When you’re a new writer, it can be tough to present yourself professionally. After all, you don’t have any clips! How can you impress clients? You can’t tell copywriting clients you’ve gotten results

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Why You’re Not Having Any Luck Finding Freelance Gigs

Are you having trouble getting hired as a freelance writer? I hear from a lot of writers in that boat. A frequent complaint: “I’ve been applying for writing jobs everywhere…but no luck!” Well, here’s the thing. I don’t believe there’s

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Why 200+ Writer Websites Failed to Get A Single Client

Last week, I asked writers to tell me about their websites. And boy, did they! I got nearly 500 responses in under a week. Wanted to share the data with you today because it points up some of the common

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