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Why Idiots Make Good Freelance Writers

It’s hard being a freelance writer. I mean, there’s so much to worry about. Do I come off arrogant on Twitter? What does it mean that I got no response to this query letter? What if people laugh at me

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What Makes a Freelance Writer a Winner? The Den Contest Results

I’ve learned something in the past week: My blog readers can really write. More than 40 writers entered the essay contest to win a year free in Freelance Writers Den I hosted with Other Den Mother Linda Formichelli. And I’m

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How to Win a Free Year in the Freelance Writers Den

One year ago this week, Freelance Writers Den opened its doors. It was scary times. I had invested a ton of time and a not-insubstantial sum to create a community for freelance writers who needed expert advice. I hoped it

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Win a Free, Video Review of Your Writer Website

If you want to earn well as a freelance writer today, you need a writer website. Seriously. If you have no site, it’s like you are nobody. You don’t exist. More than just having a writer website, you need that

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Contest: How Can I Help You Fight the Writer Pay Drought?

It’s an anxious time for many online writers. Those writing at rock-bottom prices are finding the opportunities are drying up. Demand Studios writers are up in arms because the number of $15 assignments has shriveled. Parent company Demand Media’s stock

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Contest for Writers: Win Free Copy of ’40 Ways to Market’ Audio

Are you a writer who’s hoping to ramp up their marketing next year — but you missed my 40 Ways to Market Your Writing Webinar with Anne Wayman from About Freelance Writing? Well, you’re in luck. Now, there are two

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