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What to Do After You Get Fired From Your Freelance Writing Gig

It was my second freelance writing assignment ever. I had won an essay contest for the L.A. Weekly — my first clip ever. Then I got an assignment out of them to cover a protest. That short piece went OK.

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How One Freelance Writer Kicked Content Mills and Earned Big

By James Patterson It was February of 2010. I walked in the door and my wife immediately knew something was up. “I’ve been let go.” The words rolled off my tongue and didn’t sound real. I had been let go

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Are These 2 Obstacles Keeping You From Freelance Writing Success?

What’s standing in the way of your freelance writing success? In my experience, there are two common obstacles…

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Why I Hired a Writing Mentor — Part 2: Now What?

By Susannah Noel A month ago, I took one step closer to my dream of being a full-time freelance writer: I went down to half-time at my day job as a marketing manager, with the intention of using my newfound

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Why I Hired a Writing Mentor — Part 1: I Wanna Quit My Day Job

Here’s the story of why I hired Carol Tice to be my writing-business mentor:
I need a job that’s flexible and can also pull down a solid income.

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