How I Fixed My Sucky Writer Website

I spend a lot of time improving the look and feel of this-here blog. Just take a look at that ripping new subscription box over in the sidebar, for instance.

But meanwhile, my own writer website was kind of thrown on the back burner. Yeah, that’s a screen shot of it there on the right. Lovely, eh?

Over time, it started to look dated. Stuff got broken and I couldn’t update some of the pages anymore.

I limped along for a while, because the site was still getting me some nice gigs, and it ranked great for my key search term, as you can see.

But finally…I couldn’t take it anymore.

So I called on my awesome, hardworking yet affordable webmaster, David Robert Hogg. He helped me create a much better look for my writer site — and when I say “helped,” I mean he did like 95% of everything, and I checked the links to make sure they worked.

Even better, now it’s in WordPress, so I can easily update it myself in future.

Wanna see? You can take a tour below. In this short video, I show you chapter and verse on why my old site sucked, and then show you how the new site does it better.

Hopefully some good ideas in there for writers to use on their own sites.

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If you can’t see the video display, you can view it here.

If you’d like a little free feedback on your writer website… leave a link to your site below and tell me the biggest question you have about how to make your site better. Most interesting question posted by Tuesday noon PST wins a free ticket to my Webinar, How to Make Good Money Writing Online, on May 24! I’ll announce the winner on the blog Wednesday. To see the material we’ll cover in the Webinar, press the big button below.

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