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How to Get Over Your Paralyzing Article Writing Fears

It’s a long way to go from the spark of a story idea to a finished article that appears in a magazine. Along the way, many writers get stuck. Fears stop them in their tracks. The years go by, and

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When Your Interview Source is a Total Blowhard: 5 Survival Tips

If you write articles and interview people, sooner or later, it’s going to happen: You’ll get an expert on the phone, and they’re a gabber. You ask a question, and off they tear on some odd tangent that has nothing

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Never Run Out of Story Ideas by Asking This Quick Question

Are good story ideas hard to find? When you open up your favorite magazines, it can seem like other writers are always beating you to the interesting angles on a piece of news. However, it’s not really true. If you

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Are You An Ethical Article Writer? Not If You Do These 4 Things

By Linda Formichelli You’re an ethical writer — right? You don’t rip off other writers, you charge fair rates, and you deliver what you promise. Surprise: If you you’re an article writer for magazines and newspapers, there’s more — way

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7 Types of Articles That Editors Hate and Don’t Want to Pay You For

Ever wonder why your query letter to a magazine didn’t get a response? It could be because the type of story you pitched is one the magazine doesn’t accept — or does, but expects to get for free. If you’re

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How I Got 5 Paid Blogging Gigs With One Query Letter

By Anthony Sills Are you a freelance writer looking to overcome your writing fears and grow your income? Learning how to develop story ideas and write effective queries can help you earn more from writing. If you take the time

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