Are You An Ethical Article Writer? Not If You Do These 4 Things

By Linda Formichelli You’re an ethical writer — right? You don’t rip off other writers, you charge fair rates, and you deliver what you promise. Surprise: If you you’re an article writer for magazines and newspapers, there’s more — way

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3 Things Graduate School Taught Me About Freelance Writing

By Jill C. Moffett Before I became a freelance writer, I spent 6 years in graduate school. I studied feminist theory, anthropology, public health and cultural theory. I got my PhD. But I decided not to pursue a career in

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Don’t Take These 3 Types of Unethical Writing Assignments

Wouldn’t it be great if every writing assignment you were offered was a terrific one? Unfortunately, that’s not how things always work out in the messy world of free enterprise. There are a lot of shady doings online, and if

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