How Writers Can Fulfill Their Mission — Today

As a writer, how do you know if you’ve really made it? Here’s an idea: You can say you’ve done it if you have fulfilled your mission. This thought was put in front of me by literary agent  Donald Maass,

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Getting it Done: A Guide to Productive Goal-Setting for Freelancers

Are you setting goals for your freelance writing business? I strongly recommend you do. But more than that, you need to set good goals. What makes a good goal for a freelance writer? This question recently came up when I

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Writers: What are Your Year-End Goals for 2011?

Hard to believe, isn’t it? All of a sudden, there is just one month left to get our freelance writing work done and billed before the New Year dawns. In Freelance Writers Den, we have a forum where members “weigh

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Goal-Setting for Freelance Writers: A Crash Course

When I talk to successful freelance writers, I find we all have one thing in common. It’s pretty simple — we have goals. We’re following a game plan for what we want to do with our writing career. When I

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When Writers Set Goals…And Don’t Meet Them

Like many of you, I set some goals for my writing business for 2010. With one-quarter of the year gone, it’s time to review those goals and consider adjustments.

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