How I Found 488 Red-Hot Freelance Writing Prospects

By Ayelet Weisz What is the most urgent need for every new freelance writer? Clients. And finding them isn’t always easy. They may not have the desire or budget to hire you right at the time you pitch. It ends

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7 Time-Saving Lessons From My First Year as a Freelance Writer

By Meaghan O’Keefe As a newbie freelance writer, the learning curve during my first year on the job has been steep. Like Mount Everest steep. I’m still climbing, but now I’ve got me some hiking boots and a backpack of

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How I Exploded My Freelance Writing Sales in 3 Months (It’ll Work for You, Too)

By Paul McCormack I wanted more clients, and more revenue. My sales in 2012 were respectable, but nothing spectacular. Unfortunately, since launching my freelance writing business in 2005, I really hadn’t figured out how to market myself. In order to

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How to Give Your Freelance Marketing Some GAS

Ever send a pitch letter to a prospective freelance writing client and not get a peep of response? I’ve been hearing from a lot of writers about this issue lately. It seems like writers send a query letter or letter

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Your Top 20 Favorite Posts About Freelance Writing for 2012

What should I be writing about on this blog? What information could I share that would stand the best chance of helping writers earn more? These are questions I’m thinking a lot about lately. (And yes, please do tell me

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5 Tips for Getting the Lead Out of Your Stiff Prose

Have you wondered why you can’t get more articles published in good-paying publications? It could be your writing. I know — none of us wants to think we’re a bad writer. But something may be off in the tone or

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