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5 Tips for Getting the Lead Out of Your Stiff Prose

Have you wondered why you can’t get more articles published in good-paying publications? It could be your writing. I know — none of us wants to think we’re a bad writer. But something may be off in the tone or

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The Gangnam Style Guide to Becoming a Freelance Writing Rockstar

What’s the difference between a freelance writer and a hugely successful freelance writer? It’s the difference between the teeming hordes of video posters on YouTube and Gangnam Style. If you have somehow managed to miss the emergence of the latest

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5 Reasons Why Your Letter of Introduction Isn’t Getting You Writing Gigs

Have you been sending out letters of introduction, trying to get freelance writing gigs — and nothing’s happening? I’ve learned this is a fairly common problem. How do I know? I started a letter of introduction review thread in Freelance

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Freelance Writers: Do You Have the Writing Chops for This?

Do you wonder whether your writing makes the grade? Is it creative, compelling, unique, and strong enough for you to use your craft to earn a good living? These are questions I hear a lot in the Blast-Off Class I

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