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In July 2011, I opened my learning and support community for writers who’re serious about growing their income — Freelance Writers Den. It’s quickly grown to about 300 members.

Freelance Writers Den

The Den offers:

  • Advice from freelance-writing pros including me and Renegade Writer Linda Formichelli
  • Live events with guests including Wealthy Freelancer’s Ed Gandia and Peter Bowerman of The Well-Fed Writer
  • Ecourses you can learn from at your own pace
  • The chance to send me private messages and get those sensitive questions answered
  • Access to all my previous live event recordings
  • Quarterly 4-week intensive bootcamps such as our recent one, How to Make Good Money Writing Online
  • Our members-only Junk-Free Job Board  — no $5-a-post offers here

To sum up, it’s all-you-can-eat learning and support for just $25 a month — no obligation, leave anytime.

Members are seeing the difference the Den makes:

Within five weeks of signing up for the Den, I landed my first private client through the Den’s Junk-Free Job Board and increased my rate by 60 percent. I would never have gotten the job if I hadn’t created my website, a move I was dragging my feet on until I joined the Den. That lead asked me to write more than 30 blog posts this month for about $50 apiece–that’s more than $1500 after just a couple of months at the Den, up from the couple hundred per month I had been making at the content mill. I’ve grown tons as a result of the Den and really appreciate the affordable value you offer here.– Mandy Harris, MandyHarrisWrites

I applied for a job that was posted on the Den’s “Junk-Free Job Board”…they now pay me $275 per marketing email I write for them. It’s fun and they have a fair amount of work for me to do. I’ve done 5 emails in the last 2-3 weeks for $1375 so far, with more pending. So thank you Carol for providing this opportunity!–Joshua Monen

To learn more, see lots more members’ comments about how the Den helps them, and watch a video about the Den’s benefits, head over to the Den.

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