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How Much Should You Charge For Your E-Book? 7 Questions to Help You Decide

photodune-5469195-money-book-xsOne of the most-asked questions I got from writers who took my recent self-publishing survey was, “How much should I charge for my e-book?”

There’s no simple answer to this one. Many factors go into this decision.

I’ve learned how much to charge for my e-books, through trial and error. But every author’s situation is different. How much should you charge for your e-book?

My short answer: All e-book pricing is an experiment.

When you pick a price, always keep in mind that you could revisit that price, halve that price, or maybe double that price, depending on the reception your price gets.

Or you might decide to make your e-book free.

The best price for your e-book depends on a number of factors. Here are some important questions to ask yourself in deciding on your e-book price:

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The Key E-Book Marketing Step That Most Self-Publishers Miss

photodune-3084027-key-xsE-book marketing can be super-simple. You write a quick e-book in a Word document, upload it to Amazon, and presto!

You’ve got a Kindle e-book for sale. The Kindle-only route is probably the most common one taken by new e-book writers. It seems so simple, yes?

Next, you hope Amazon’s magical algorithm wizards will send you a stampeding horde of buyers.

Often, that doesn’t happen. But say you do have a list of people you alert that your e-book is up — or maybe you catch a break with Amazon’s search results, and you make some sales. Sweet!

Soon, you’re looking to sell another e-book. That’s when you realize you’ve made a terrible mistake.

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What’s It Like Writing for Skyword? Writers Tell All

three airplanes in formation on airshowBy Jennifer Roland

If you’ve been looking for steady freelance writing work, you’ve probably come across Skyword. Maybe you’ve even posted a profile there — and gone back to add more to it with the hope of being selected to write for one of their clients.

Clients use Skyword’s proprietary platform to request, receive, and post content, and many contract with Skyword to find writers and manage the relationship.

The staff at Skyword sift through the writer profiles to find writers who match the client’s needs and invite them to be part of that client’s “program.” Writers can be part of more than one program at a time.

So what’s it like writing for Skyword? I talked to several current and former Skyword writers to find out.

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How I Got Over My Author Complex and Became a “Real” Writer

woman winking with pencil in her mouthBy Janine Sobeck

I have built a career around the creation and telling of stories, but never felt like a writer.

My story? I’m a dramaturg. If you don’t know, that means I help playwrights develop their ideas, characters, and plotlines.

For many years, as I worked with my clients, I would feel a touch of envy and think:

“I wish I were a writer.”

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The Secret to Selling E-Books by the Boatload (Even if You’re Busy)

Business graphAlmost any writer can toss together a quick e-book — and many have. But creating and marketing an e-book that’s a moneymaker is much more difficult.

I know because I just did a survey about self-publishing with over 400 writers, and about 20 percent of the participants said they’ve published their own e-book or physical book.

But here’s the bad news: Most of those e-books don’t earn much.

Real writers’ real e-book income revealed

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For Writers Considering Self-Publishing: 8 Useful Posts

Writer publishing own e-bookBy Jennifer Roland

Since Carol’s getting ready to spill *all* of her e-book publishing mistakes, she thought you could get in the mood with this handy roundup of posts with e-book marketing tips for self-publishing writers — and writers who’re considering taking the plunge.

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