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140 Websites That Pay Writers in 2014

By Jennifer Roland Way back in 2010, Carol decided to bust a move here on the blog. As an advocate for writers seeking out good-paying work rather than writing for “exposure” or pennies, she decided it was time to start

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So, How DO You Promote a Blog Post, Anyway?

In the beginning, you set up a blog. Then, you write a blog post. After that, often, nothing happens. No comments. No readers. No subscribers. Why? It’s because many new bloggers don’t understand what it is they’ve created when they

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How to Get Awesome Guest Blogging Gigs With CPR

By Daryl Rothman Have you ever had a great idea for a guest post and wish it could be featured on one of the top blogs for writers? It can be. I found a great list on Write to Done’s

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