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For Writers Considering Self-Publishing: 8 Useful Posts

By Jennifer Roland Since Carol’s getting ready to spill *all* of her e-book publishing mistakes, she thought you could get in the mood with this handy roundup of posts with e-book marketing tips for self-publishing writers — and writers who’re

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How to Land International Freelance Clients for 2015 — Now

By Amy Dunn Moscoso Are you losing out on local freelance clients because they don’t have the budget for freelancers or because other writers work for less? You don’t have to limit yourself to local clients. Start thinking globally. You

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140 Websites That Pay Writers in 2014

By Jennifer Roland Way back in 2010, Carol decided to bust a move here on the blog. As an advocate for writers seeking out good-paying work rather than writing for “exposure” or pennies, she decided it was time to start

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Why Freelance Writers Earn More by Tracking 2 Key Things

By Nicole Dieker What’s the last thing you do before you end your freelance writing work week? If you’re like most of us, you’re probably eager to get up from your laptop and do something else — anything else! —

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How One Freelance Writer Got $3,000 From a Simple Request

By Angie Mansfield I was a frustrated freelance writer. Late last year, I was finally starting to gain traction in my freelance writing business, but I still wasn’t as busy as I wanted to be. I was doing okay. But

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How to Reel in Great Freelance Writing Clients with a Bait Piece

By James Palmer There are many ways freelance writers can get new clients, but few are more effective than a bait piece. Write it once, then post it on your site and it’ll go to work for you all the

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