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How to Get Skeptical Clients to Hire a New Freelance Writer

When you’re a newbie freelance writer, it can be hard to see how to take the first step. How will you talk that first client into hiring you? At first, many prospective clients you pitch will turn you down. Which

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3 Big Reasons Your Freelance Writing Dreams Go Nowhere

Many people dream of becoming freelance writers. The problem is, that’s all most of them do — dream. Somehow, the idea of becoming a paid writer never gets off the ground. I find there are three major reasons why freelance

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5 Signs a Freelance Writer Should Become an Agency

If you’ve been watching a lot of Mad Men, you might start to dream of expanding your freelance writing business into an agency. That show certainly makes working at an ad agency seem glamorous, no? The agency model sounds alluring.

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How to Boost Your Sagging Motivation for Writing

You’re all fired up to be a freelance writer — in theory, at least. But sometimes, we all get the blahs. You stare at the blank screen or page…and nothing. You’re willing to do almost anything else — if you

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How One Freelance Writer Blew It and Went Broke

I try to keep this an upbeat blog full of helpful advice on how to earn more as a freelance writer. But it’s not all sweetness and $1-a-word assignments out there. Sometimes, freelance writers get into big trouble. And then,

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The Essential Item You Need for Freelance Success That No One Dares Name

Recently, I began asking new subscribers to this blog to tell me their top obstacles as freelance writers right now. The responses have been interesting, and in some cases surprising. Quite a few of them are like this one: “I

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